Thursday, May 9, 2013

time flies fast..

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Two years had passed by..
I'm still here..
Doing same thing..
Research, study, learning, playing and failing in experiment..
Actually of course it had improvement..
"Jadikan hari ini lebih baik dr semalam dan esok lebih baik dr hari ini"
sesungguhnya Islam itu sebaik2 agama..

Mukaddimah yang pelik..hehe..Main topic here are research, adam aiman (family), pru13 and love life..
Its been half year kot I didn't post any entry, due to increasing the stage of laziness. So, tonight seems like the 'malas' disease had cool down, so I better type this one entry..

First one was my research. What do you think? Same question whispering and echoing into my ears again and again.."bila adik nk abis study?", "dah abis blaja nanti kije ape?"
seriously stress when same question repeatedly being asked by people around me..
so??progress research about plus minus 50%? ok laaaa tu kot..
then, when I finished that part, another part being added by beloved prof..especially in the research progress, redakan diri je la..
apart from that, I had succeeded to publish 2 abstracts for my name written on the first author of the abstract..yeay!!..haha..well, it is not something that should be proud of actually (sebenarnye scientist kejar manuscript bukannye abstract..but at least abstract tu leh jadi org kata sebagai latihan utk present manuscript nnti..). Then, on this 24th May I'll present oral  free paper presentation at conference in Kota Bharu..surely i'll trembling all over when to present it later..but I had some tips from jurnal club today which are:-
1. need to be very confident in presenting.
2. to be confident, need to fully understood what want to present.
3. try to expect what audience will asked after presentation (so that, will be well-prepared).
4. practice n practice.
lastly about research is about the milestone:
1. all the experiment need to be finished by this year (Dec2013).
2. manuscript need to be submitted by this year (at least 2 manuscripts).
3. thesis must be send for attention before Mac next year (2014).
5. completed master by next year (2014).