Thursday, June 16, 2011

itazura na kiss

the words to hide our awkwardness
the moments we gazed at each other
the time we spent together
i wish they had all lasted longer

ur hand held mine until
u saw me off at d train final train
ur nonchalant kindness makes me happy
if dis were a fairy-tale
i'd instantly be able to go to a future wit u

everytime, everyday, everything
even if i dont put it into words
u r my special place
if i could granted just one wish
dear God, please stop time when we r alone together

everytime, everyday, everything
even if we were to go our separate ways, i'll hold us together
u r my special one
everytime, everyday, everything
i have faith
even if time doesn't stop
if we're fated then we'd be able to see each other anytime, right?