Tuesday, December 6, 2011

d answers is here..ho3

Assalamualaikum n greetings everyone..I just realize dat I'll post 2 entry every month..he3..punyerla pemalas kn..tp better than en. Tedy yg lngsung xpost pa pe since last 3,4 months ago..ha3..now, i had just having dinner (berbuka pose sempena hari Assyura) n waiting to go to bath n pray for ISyak..so, to kill some time, i'll just post some of my "diary" like entry k..(xtually d answer of my previous entry "i win or he win?")

so now, the answer is i did not win dat deal. dats it..ok, full stop..dont wanna to story anymore..hu3
(seriously frustrating)..The deal is dat if i or he win, we can request any of us to full fill any hope or wishes that we want.. so, the point is now that he win, at first I was very curious about his wish, or hope..cant predict wat he wan as usually he was very unpredictable (sometimes its trouble me but sometimes he's surprised me..he3). then, at last he told me to promise him 4 things..wanna know??well??ok la..

the first thing is:-

he want me to finish up my master deg.
-if he didn't ask me to finish dis master, i'll already promise to myself (end wat i've started by hook or by crook), so no hal la kn??he3

second thing is:-

he want me to promise that as how i'll be very busy like hell, i'll never forget about my family, which means i'll still have time to spend with my family.
- when he told me this thing, i was thinking does he got any wish to think of himself..y all d wishes he only think of me??does he want anything from me??n my tears start rolling down my cheek(wah, terharu dowh!!hu2..)
- but the point is, insyaAllah i'll never forgot my family, they always b number ONE in my heart. =) amin..

third thing is:-

he want me to never ever forget where am i belongs from even if my status was the highest one in the country or world..which means dat i'll never forget who i am. dalam bhsa ibunda nye, aku xkan lupa diri.
- he still think of me when he want this things..hu3..n still insyaAllah, i'll remember who i am now n who i am later even if i had become a very successful person..(budu tetap jd kegemaran..keh3, n ubi kayu rebus still become my fav).

the last one is which is the number fourth:-

he want me to tell him if i ever fall in love with someone else other than him..means that if i wanna break up wit him (which i pray dat will never happen but who r we to predict the future right?)..
- dat's the only thing that he wan me to promise about himself..(still wonder, is he not regret even if he can ask anything from me..ho3)

then, i make d promise to him..insyaAllah selagi masih ade iman di dada (even snipis kulit bwang), n kewarasan akal fikiran yg Allah bg, ak akn berusaha untuk tidak melanggar janji2 tu..doakan..
the last thing is, i did not regret dat i did not win d deal as ade hikmahnye..still got many times to make deals n i'll make sure dat i'll improve d winning (ade k word tu??keh3)

p/s: wonder if anyone would annoy if they read my entry??but it is my opinion or my writing, n i does not mind xtually if dis annoying u as u can leave this page anytime right??

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