Sunday, May 29, 2011

seminggu at home...

diary of today??one week at home feels like one month coz got nothing to do..(xtually lots of works to do but when d laziness came through across d body, cant do anything..ha3)..wake up in d morning, preparing for brekfast plus lunch, washing n drying some clothes if had, watching tv, watching naruto, surfing, sleeping, bla bla bla..nahhh, same routine i'm gonna change dat???

d story of today was i met someone at d "pasar tani"..then, seriously i cant remember her..hu2..last2 she told me dat she's from PLKN same wit me..hu2..i'm sorry, really sorry for her, i cant remember..its not like i dont care about all of d times together but really my baddd habit..i'm easy to forget people face n info about him or her..really sorry..

then, menu of cooking today was "tom yam ayam"..really wanna help mum but half way only coz gotta help my dad to paint its lorry..hu2..while was painting, my aunt n uncle from Kemumin arrived..Paksu n Maksu with their child, K.long, aizad and aiman..really close cousin to me..=), talk for a while wit them..chit chat update life..he3..

at nite, dating wit pksu n his family to hang out and dinner..while in d car mksu ask me about my mr. tedy..whether i'm still contacting him or not..said still but now had been since yesterday..then, we all went to a restaurant and home, my sis, K.ida already at home wit her family..going to be mother of two daughter dis month of June if im not mistaken..u know dat her first daughter was so cute n her skin was so white..if d face is not like Malay, sure people gonna say she is Chinese..ha3..but she's really cuteee...he3..

next thing is i already made my decision, i'm not gonna take master dis month of Sept..i'm gonna work first..dat is it...its not d only reason that my money is not enough, i'm really wanna help my family..having them not working at home, n just using d money of their children every month..really sad watch them work from morning till evening n tired n so on..they already old for that..then, its my duty to take care of them n so forth..i wanna them stay at home do nothing and using my own money n my sis, bro money to spent day to day..i'm not supposed to use their money, for now i'll go hunting for a job after knew d result and insyaAllah if i got a chance, before my age reach 25, i'll have d master title..insyaAllah..=)
plan for now:
  • waiting my sis to get home
  • send her back to Taiping
  • waiting home for d construction of house
  • hunting for partime job
  • hunting for real job
  • gotta get Master
  • get married (keh3)

(p/s: u know dat if we lov dat person, its very easy to forgive him n forget all his wrong..hu3..)

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