Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bukit Tinggi.."Malaysia mimic oversea"

Assalamualaikum n greetings..its been a very long time i didn't brainstorm to write this blog..lots of things happened, but just remain silent in memory. Hoping that those stories will be remembered for a long long time..hopefully..
but now, lets get a short introduction..its better, isn't it??less grammatical mistakes i think.. ermmm..

So, here was the story, last month which was on November 2013, my friend Dahlia was married. The ceremony took place in Bentong, Pahang. So, all together were 5 people, Fahmi, d driver n his car, Muaz, Kak Suhana, Dedey n me were all going to that wedding. On our way back, its like kill two birds with one stone, we all went to Bukit Tinggi..thanks to our friend Fahmi really generous and didn't complaint too much about the road. It was 30-45mins from Tol plaza Bentong to KL (as I remembered)..So, we went by following Waze Dedey n signboard  along the way..

After a snakelike road, finally we arrived at the front gate of Bukit Tinggi. To go in there, we need to pay RM12 per person. So, one whole cars were RM60..Just enjoy the picture..and my tips are if you want to go here, make sure u have a good stamina and please don't wear high heels..errrr..

with our colleague Dahlia..its her wedding!!

Selamat Pengantin Baru dear!!

in front Colmar Tropicale

Colmar Tropicale

this is Malaysia, not oversea k..hihi..

This looks like an English old style building..^_^

Old style building at Colmar..^_^

with K.suhana, me, Dedey n Muadz..

we are here at Colmar!!

nice view from top of building at Colmar..

its a nice view at Japanese Village

 the only shop at Japanese Village

bye bye..till we come again..hehe

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