Monday, March 26, 2012

no, i'm not okay..=(

p/s: post has little bit harsh word => need to motivate myself

hard to say..
hard to do..
so many things..
but must going through..

second week..
the first week..

learn how to deal wit people..
learn how to manage ur stress..
know ur position (awk org bwahan jeee k..heh)

but it just..
i know i can manage all dat..
know i can handle it..
jus dont b so spoiled kid la (hey u, manje giler r ko laaa)..

blaja la dr kesilapan wei!!!..
jgn dok harap org len j nk ajr..
learn ur mistake..
be more proactive (nak ak record k kata2 Prof n rewind2 back to u smpai ko lena??)

u r not a a child k, u r mature enough to handle these things..
so, prove it..prove u can do this!!
their words is just a breeze that blow ur hair..
dont take it too much k..
b strong heart..noe u can..of coz u will..
fighting nis!!!

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