Thursday, August 18, 2011

alhamdulillah..all things was alrite..(i'm happy..)

     tarikh keramat 10 ogos 2011..tul k keramat??keramat la kot bg ak..ha3..after a long long time waiting for an answer, at last ak tau jugak perasaannye..all my waiting was became to an end..he confess to me..walaupun unexpected but seriously i'm damn happy..ha3..cannot say with a word..u know dat when ur confession is not one sided??u lov him n he also lov u??tu la org kata, cinta tu satu perasaan yg xleh digambarkn dgn kata2..hihi

      but i once had read a novel that when its said in d ending like dis "the princess n the prince then live happily ever after", before this i think dat all d problems and obstacles are settle and they all live happily ever after which means that their story was ended. but now, after i had read that novel, the ended of their sorrow is just a beginning for another means dat the life will not just ended like dat..there's lots of another stories..ended dis story, begins new story..our life is not a fairy tale, jus accept that..=)
it just depend on us how to handle it..either handle it with care or jus smashed it to the u know dat heart is fragile thing..ha3

     another thing that realize about guys is they dont like to talk about their feelings..(xpecially my Mr.Tedy)..seriously, its very hard to understand, truthfully some of my behavior may really hurt his feeling but i didnt know dat..but when it comes to me, i will confess to him if dat des something hurting my feeling..if not, i felt something is not rite n mula la episod moody bermula..ha3..(but really poor to him a.k.a to d guys)..n for that, i'm really sorry..

p/s: stuck on idea..nk bg ape adiah besday nih??aish..hu3

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