Thursday, July 28, 2011

feeling and mind??

get lost from my sight,
it was d phrase dat i wanna said long ago,
but it jus cant come out from my mouth,
n i jus can shout it inside my heart,
there's something block it,
there's something dat reasoning it,
whether i'm realizing or not,
day by day, 
hoping dat u soon will disappear inside my heart..

sometimes, its wrong for me to feel dat way,
without knowing ur true feeling,
making judgement by myself,
jus thinking of myself,
jus wanna make myself secure,
it doesn't feel right..

and also,
it sounds really easy to make u dissapear,
but i know dat its impossible,
hoping dat i soon will get anemia,
anemia dat only deleting d existence of u in my life,
its something dat only will appear in fantasy,
jus stop dreaming..

i know it,
i know dat its only my feeling,
i jus can stop thinking about it,
its not something dat i cant control,
jus sometimes d feeling out of control,
but i know dat i'll manage dat,
its only my mind,
if i can control my mind, 
everything is possible for me..

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